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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Favorite (and least favorite) Lakefront Attractions

Over the next few weeks I'll be giving some thought to my favorite (and least favorite) attractions along Chicago's lakefront. I approach this as much more than just a producer at WTTW whose job it is to know the city. I'm also a jogger, who runs on the lakefront trail most mornings at 6:00, all year around. And I'm a condo dweller, who doesn't have a backyard (just a planter full of dead flowers on my back porch) so I go to spots like the Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary to see some greenery. I'm a parent, who brings his daughter to the Lincoln Park Zoo to teach her that the term "doggie" does not apply to all animals (as much as squirrels might look like dogs). A foodie, who stops at the Green City Market on Saturdays to stock up on produce for the week. And I'm my family's designated tour guide, who drags out-of-town visitors away from Michigan Avenue to explore Wooded Island in Jackson Park and the South Shore Cultural Center. In short, I am the consummate lakefront user. Here is what I've discovered...

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