Monday, May 30, 2016

Anderson Gardens (Northern Show)

I wasnít kidding when I told owner John Anderson that I felt truly moved upon entering this glorious place. The peace was palpable. And I was open to it. We didnít want to bring the mood down too much or get ultra heavy, but Mary Jo told us some amazing stories, particularly one about a child who was dying of cancer who asked to come to the Gardens because he wanted to feel that peace and serenity in his final days on earth. He didnít want Disneyland or xBox. He wanted this place.

A Peaceful Moment at Anderson Gardens

I suppose the deeper truth here is that experiencing the Gardens for yourself is going to go a lot farther than me trying to describe it to you. I will say that everyone we spoke to there really was dedicated to furthering peace and gentleness, and this impressed me greatly. I challenge you to go and see if you donít feel better as you leave, no matter what is weighing on you. And if you are feeling joyous already, this magical place will double it.

The Waterfall

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