Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Things you may not have known about your host

May 18, 2006
We’re now five weeks into the seven show run. After tonight’s Western Region show there will be the Chicago episode and the Suburban Chicagoland episode. Then we run the seven shows again. Our expectation, of course, is to get renewed and get shooting new material for another run, this time for 13 shows. You can help us out with that by emailing and posting messages on the message board right here on the website. We thank you.

Anyway, I thought I’d be remiss if I didn’t let you all know about a few other pursuits of mine that may be of interest to you. The short way to get into this is to invite you to visit my website.

Here you will learn about my video production company specializing in making wedding films for discerning clients in that special way I do. I love shooting and editing weddings, really, and I love making family documentaries and programs honoring birthdays, anniversaries, what have you. Seems we do a lot of this kind of commemorating around funerals and there’s such opportunity to celebrate our loved ones and family members while they’re still around to enjoy the video! So why wait? I have clips on the site for you to check out my work. I think you’ll like the one featuring the family. I call this “A Day in the Life.” We call the company Best Man Pictures. Feel free to send an email or give a call to discuss how I can create a beautiful documentary about your family or business.

Part two: On the site you will notice a link to Entertainment and Music. Here’s where you can find out about my other talents as a musician, a singer and songwriter to be exact. You can sample cuts from my CD called “Live Your Life,” which garnered some nice reviews and got quite a bit of airplay a few years ago when it first came out. Naturally many of the songs are funny, and some aren’t. Killer musicians abound on the CD, not the least of which is Tim Tobias on keyboards, who also produced the album and is the composer of the new Wild Chicago Illinois Road Trip theme.

Well, I am going to turn in. I wish everyone a good night and I shall return soon with more from the world of Wild Chicago’s Illinois Road Trip. Sleep tight.

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