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The Blues is a Feeling – Gonna Shoot You Right Down

Join James Fraher as he talks about getting to know the blues – and the men and women who sing them – through his countless photographs and interviews.

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Pedestrian Poetry – Musical Memories

Watch Street Sounds perform as David Hernandez reads from his poem, Armitage Street, where he juxtaposes the street's new middle-class status to memories of its heavily working-class Puerto Rican past.

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Island Life – Puerto Rican Rhythms

Watch as the Cuatro Festival delights music lovers and brings the pulse of the Caribbean to Chicago.

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Disappearing Memories – The Journey Home

Join filmmaker Silvia Malagrino, who fled Buenos Aires in 1978, as she describes her return to her homeland and "uncovers compelling testimonies of resistance, transformation, and hope."

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Poet in the Public Eye – Propagating Poetry

Learn more about Kevin Stein and his quest to extend the reach of poetry into everyday life.

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