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Dessa Kirk – Central Casting

Dessa Kirk casts Allen Turner's face while entertaining her captive audience with the story of her upbringing.

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Journey Through Jazz – Journey of African Rhythms

Join storyteller Maggie Brown as she traces the journey of African rhythms through work songs and spirituals to jazz and blues in a clip from Arts Across Illinois: CenterStage from 2005.

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This clip is part of the Jazz/Blues Podcast

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Mama Edie – Swimming in the Water

Listen as Mama Edie tells us the story of "The Monkey and the Crocodile" from the Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool and the Lincoln Park Zoo.

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Rhythm of Iberia – Una Noche en Espana

Watch the Ensemble Español, accompanied by Las Guitarras de España during the annual Arts Across Illinois: CenterStage broadcast in 2002.

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This clip is part of the Dance Podcast

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Poet in the Public Eye – Propagating Poetry

Learn more about Kevin Stein and his quest to extend the reach of poetry into everyday life.

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This clip is part of the Poetry/Lit. Podcast

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