Monday, May 30, 2016

Check, Please! Food Truck Festival

Information for Confirmed Event Registrants:

Rain or Shine: This is an outdoor event. Please come prepared for the weather!

Tickets: Remember that there are no physical tickets for this event. The name used when purchasing tickets and the purchased ticket quantity will be on a list when you check in at the entrance to the event. This event is sold out and no additional tickets can be purchased on the night of the event.

Event Entrance: The entrance to the event is not via WTTW’s address at 5400 N. Saint Louis but, rather, via the entrance on the west side of the WTTW campus which can be accessed at Northeastern Illinois University’s 3701 W. Bryn Mawr Avenue entrance. Please see map to view this entrance.

Parking: Thanks to our friends and neighbors at Northeastern Illinois University (NEIU), parking will be complimentary on the night of the event. The NEIU Parking Lots can be accessed at 3701 W. Bryn Mawr Avenue. You will not need a pass or ticket to access any of the NEIU Parking Lots indicated in gray on the map. Please print this map to reference where the closet gray lots are and where the entrance to the event is.

Arriving/leaving by Car: The City of Chicago is working on a construction project on Foster Avenue. Please note that NEIU’s Foster Avenue entrance may be closed to inbound traffic. If the Foster entrance is closed: westbound car traffic approaching NEIU on Foster Avenue from the east should divert north on Kedzie to Bryn Mawr and west on Bryn Mawr to the entrance to campus. Eastbound car traffic approaching campus on Foster Avenue from the west should divert north on Pulaski to Bryn Mawr and use the Bryn Mawr entrance to campus. Vehicles may exit the NEIU Parking Lots from the access road onto Foster in the westbound direction only.

Arriving/leaving by CTA Bus: Westbound Foster 92 buses approaching the NEIU Parking Lots from the east may detour north at Kimball, head west on Bryn Mawr, then south on Pulaski. The closest stop to the NEIU entrance which leads to the Food Truck Fest event entrance is Bryn Mawr at Central Park. Eastbound Foster 92 buses approaching NEIU from the west will detour north at Pulaski, head east on Bryn Mawr, then south on Kimball. The closest stops to the to the NEIU entrance which leads to the event entrance will be Bryn Mawr at Central Park. The Kimball 82 bus routes will not detour. For more information on how to get from where you are to the event, please visit:


Check, Please! Food Truck Fest

WTTW Studios - Parking Lot
3701 W. Bryn Mawr Avenue
Chicago Illinois 60625

Friday, September 21,
5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Thanks To Our Sponsors