Monday, May 30, 2016

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Mission to Planet 429 is about the hilarious misadventures of rookie "Worldsplorers" Gylnert and Zornat who hail from the planet Cyron. They are charged with figuring out home-planet Cyron's 429th discovery EARTH.

Mission to Planet 429 was conceived as a transmedia project which employs video gaming and a soon-to-come Public TV series, all of which support reading comprehension.

Funded, in part, by a "Ready to Learn" grant from the U.S. Department of Education,* the concept is a creation of Roman Coppola (The Directors Bureau) and is developed by WTTW (Chicago Public Media Television & Interactive) and Nukotoys in partnership with successful school turnaround organization The Academy for Urban School Leadership (AUSL).

Watch the video to see how well the game tested in selected Chicago Public Schools:


Game Components:

  • 3D browser-based virtual world
  • Teacher's guide

We are launching the video game and 2nd and 3rd grade teachers now have the chance to experiment with this valuable teaching tool in the classrooms. To receive the Game — free of charge — for your classroom, contact us via email at:


View the "sneak peek" trailer for the Public TV series:


Glossary of characters and words for Mission to Planet 429:

Cyron Cyron: Home to an ancient culture of thinkers, scientists and explorers, Cyron is the most enlightened planet in all the galaxies. Their true pride and joy is the galaxy-famous Worldsploration Federation, which trains the best and brightest Cyronians to be galaxy explorers or "Worldsplorers."
Gylnert Gylnert: A scientist by training, Gylnert is the brains of the Worldsploration team and Commander and Keeper of the Splorb Generator. Because of his keen scientific mind, he pays great attention to detail and always follows a mission to its completion, even in the face of adversity.
Lyria Lyria: Cyron's first female Minister of Planets. She is responsible for giving Gylnert and Zornat their missions, and determines their missions by finding where the blank subject entries are in her 429 Index.
P.A.L. P.A.L. (Propulsion Astral Lander) Spaceship: The highly advanced super-spaceship that is not only Gylnert and Zornat's mode of transportation, but also their constant companion.
Sir Racu Sir Racu: Handsome, charming, and oozing charisma, Sir Racu is the most famous and highest-ranking Worldsplorer in the galaxy. His success is no accident. His ingenuity and pioneering spirit have led him to discover more planets than any 'Splorer in history.
Splorb Splorb: A "Splorb" is an intelligent storage unit that contains all the accurate, collected information about the subject of a Worldsplorer's particular mission.
Xempra Xempra: Xempra is Galactic News Network's (GNN) most popular and highest-rated investigative reporter. She is the official correspondent for the Worldsploration beat and is currently entrenched on Planet 429, Cyron's latest planetary discovery.
Zornat Zornat: Considered the brawn of this Worldsploration team, Zornat is a five-star pilot and the Commander of the P.A.L. spaceship. He is street-smart and possesses the decisive and assertive personality of a natural-born leader.

* The contents of this video game webpage were developed, in part, under a grant from the U.S. Department of Education. However, these contents do not necessarily represent the policy of the Department of Education, and you should not assume endorsement by the Federal Government.