Thursday, May 26, 2016


Tributes to John Callaway

Memories of John posted on blogs and Twitter

Your thoughts about John have continued beyond our discussion board and populated social media throughout the Internet.

Here, we present a sampling of excerpts:

"I produced John Callaway Interviews and Chicago Feedback back in the late 1970's. Working for John shaped my career and character. There was no finer mentor. He supported, encouraged, and pushed me to be better. He had the strongest intellect I've ever encountered and used his smarts to make his guests better, not showcase himself. Even though he was a celebrity in the Chicago area, John never let it go to his head. His dry sense of humor was mostly self-deprecating. He believed in hard work, self reliance and teamwork. In addition to being an outstanding interviewer and host, he was a compelling writer. I will miss him terribly."

--Eloqui on

"Perhaps most of all, he is survived by what happens when you or anybody else gets curious. Does the research. Asks the hard questions. Digs, and digs, and digs to get behind facts and uncover truth.  He is what happens when you get curious."

--Chicago Guy on

"Chicago lost a legend today in John Callaway. A great interviewer who knew and loved Chicago and Chicago people like few others."

--@timstidham on Twitter

"Watching him was almost like witnessing the questioning of a grandfather and teenaged grandchild. Interrogation from someone who had become wiser than simply just a parent over the years. He would listen patiently to the patronizing responses that most interview subjects were accustomed to giving, and then he would lean forward, get close to the person, stare directly into their eyes over the top of his glasses like a grandfather might, and then BAM! He would ask "the question" that would shake people to their foundation."

--Quinn T. Sential on

"Since arriving in '95, John Callaway was my guide to Chicago politics and history... Could not have asked for a better guide."

--@tropology on Twitter

"For so many, John Callaway was an intricate part of our intellectual evolution. Watching his nightly show, in a real fashion, reinforced our interest and passions for public affairs. Always serious and always probing for something called the truth; he was a credit to his profession."

--A Springfield Veteran on

"He was a friend invited in for good conversation."

--@jaisrmo1941 on Twitter

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