Heating Issues Hit Kenwood Academy High School for 2nd Straight Day

Chicago Public Schools said heating issues at the school had been fixed... Read More


Impeachment Hearings Go Live on TV With the 1st Witnesses

When the gavel strikes at the start of the House hearing on Wednesday... Read More

The US Capitol.


PBS Newshour Special Coverage

The House of Representatives kicks off public impeachment hearings against President Donald Trump.


Ask Why

Jermaine Harris explores the vital role police officers can play in their communities and how listening can prevent violence from happening in the first place.

Sergeant Jermaine Harris, Community Policing Sergeant, Chicago Police Department, Austin 15th District


Julie's Story

In the aftermath of her son’s sentencing, Julie Anderson felt lost.

Julie Anderson


Noemi's Story

“They’ll get a person for marijuana before they’ll get a person for murder.”

Noemi Martinez
In this Nov. 19, 1998 file photo, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Henry Hyde, R-Illinois, presides over the committee’s impeachment hearing for President Bill Clinton, on Capitol Hill in Washington. (AP Photo / Joe Marquette, File)


Then and Now: How Trump Impeachment Hearing is Different

Even if the two most recent impeachment proceedings offer instructive clues about the path ahead, there are notable differences in the case surrounding Donald Trump.

The impeachment hearings


PBS's Special Coverage of the Impeachment Hearings

The House of Representatives begins public impeachment hearings against President Donald Trump. Here are the ways you can watch PBS NewsHour's coverage, online or over-the-air.

Eddie Bocanegra

Crime & Law

Five Ideas That Can Change the Conversation About Gun Violence

From always asking why to telling the full story of a life to slowing down people's thinking, five experts explain ideas that could help address gun violence, each in their own way.

A barista at the world's largest Starbucks, in Chicago


World’s Largest Starbucks Set to Open Friday in Chicago

The Reserve Roastery will span five floors and 35,000 square feet on Michigan Avenue, taking up residence in what was for decades Crate & Barrel’s flagship store.

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Hero Maker

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