Pritzker Calls on Health Care Workers to Sign Up for Emergency Alert System

There are 3,026 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Illinois, officials said... Read More

Science & Nature

Had Enough of Canned Goods? Local Growers Team Up to Bring Farmers Market to Your Door

Closed Loop Farms is leading a group of local food producers to deliver... Read More

Brenda and Nurse Trixie


Call The Midwife: Episode One

NEW: An alarming outbreak of diphtheria occurs and Fred finds an abandoned baby in a dustbin.

news & information

WTTW Hub for Information about COVID-19

What you need to know about the virus, how it spreads, the symptoms to watch out for, and how you can prepare and protect yourself and your family in Illinois.



Firsthand: Coronavirus - Father Steve's Story

NEW: On any given Sunday, Father Stephen Kanonik, a priest at St. Benedict Parish in Chicago, delivers Mass to as many as 1,200 parishioners. 

Father Stephen Kanonik


Somewhere South: American as Hand Pie

Vivian’s crash course in mass producing hand pies inspires her to revisit the applejacks of her youth.

Vivian eats a hand pie

For parents

Chore Ideas for Kids Ages 2 to 8

“Five minutes till clean-up party time! Choose your songs now!”

Kids helping out.
Lakefront Trail Closure

Crime & Law

What Happens if You Violate Stay-at-Home Order? Police Say Warnings, Fines or Even Arrests

A day after Mayor Lori Lightfoot threatened to close off access to city parks if Chicagoans continued to flout social distancing rules, the city shut down the lakefront trail, beaches and adjoining parks, the Bloomingdale Trail and the Chicago Riverwalk.

'Breakthrough: Ideas That Changed the World.' Photo: Bigger Bang Communications


A New Educational Line-Up to Supplement At-Home Learning

Beginning Monday, March 30, WTTW Prime will host an afternoon block with shows that will provide educational content for junior high and high school students.

Vivian Howard makes applejacks in 'Somewhere South.' Photo: Markay Media


Some Food Shows to Stream (And Recipes to Try)

We have plenty of food shows for you to stream, from two new programs premiering now to old favorites, as well as recipes to try.

Chicago Riverwalk


Public Space in the Age of COVID-19: How Other Cities are Coping

Mayor Lori Lightfoot shut down Chicago’s lakefront, 606 trail and Riverwalk to encourage social distancing. But will limiting access to public space reduce the demand for it? We look to other cities’ ideas.

Daniel Tiger washing his hands.

For parents

How to Talk to Your Kids About Coronavirus

Because my kids are young, I kept it simple. “You know what it’s like to have a cold or the flu — how sometimes you get a cough or have a fever? This is kind of like that.

Paris Schutz


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