Crime & Law

Jussie Smollett Case Still Top of Mind One Year After Incident

Wednesday marks one year since Jussie Smollett reported to police he’d been... Read More


Recycling Do-Over? Lightfoot Asks Streets & San to Study Other Cities’ Best Practices

Is it time to hit the reset button on Chicago’s beleaguered Blue Cart... Read More

The Poison Squad


Poison Squad: American Experience

The forgotten heroes who fought for food safety at the turn of the 20th century are highlighted.


'Howards End' Recap: Part 3

As Helen watches, Margaret nervously prepares for her meeting with Henry to evaluate his London home as a possible dwelling for the Schlegels.

Margaret Schlegel


The Obama Portraits Are Coming to Chicago

The official portraits of the Obamas will be coming to Chicago during a five-city tour beginning next year.

“Barack Obama” by Kehinde Wiley, oil on canvas, 2018.


The Interview Show

Host Mark Bazer interviews musician Jeff Tweedy.

Jeff Tweedy


Check, Please! - Monteverde

Jessica recommends Monteverde for perfect pasta dishes in a bustling, energetic atmosphere.

Coronavirus Panel


The Fight Against the Coronavirus – And What You Need to Know

There’s now one confirmed case of the novel coronavirus in Illinois. Health officials say the risk to the general public in the U.S. is low. But what’s being done to fight the virus?

Upton Sinclair was a socialist and a muckraker journalist. Photo: Courtesy of the Library of Congress.


How Upton Sinclair’s 'The Jungle' Unintentionally Spurred Food Safety Laws

"I aimed at the public's heart, and by accident I hit it in the stomach," Sinclair said.

Henry Wilcox and Margaret Schlegel in Howards End. Photo: Starz Entertainment

Recap & Stream

Recap and Stream 'Howards End'

Margaret receives an unexpected offer from Henry, while he is impressed by her independence. Helen is angered by the increasing difficulties of Leonard's life.

Snow Sculpting Competition

Arts & Entertainment

Warm Winter Doesn’t Halt Illinois Snow Sculpting Competition

Every year, artists meet about 80 miles northwest of Chicago to sculpt works of art from an unusual material. We take a look at their frozen creations at the 34th annual competition in Rockford.

Scribbles and Ink

for kids

Draw with Scribbles and Ink!

It's raining, Ink. I know, Scribbles - isn't it great?! Don't you just love rainy days? Let's go out and have a rainy day adventure! Rain! Puddles! Let's go puddle-jumping!



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