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Winners will air on Friday, April 25 from 5-6pm.

"Kids are from Earth, Parents are from Pluto"
Francine's dad falling asleep in class? Arthur's dad telling food jokes in the cafeteria? Is it a bad dream?? No, it's Lakewood Elementary Parents Open House! How will the kids survive a whole evening of their parents' embarrassing antics?

“The Buster Report”
The kids are assigned to write a report on someone they admire. To everyone's surprise, most especially Buster's, George picks....Buster! Will George focus on Buster's joke telling, the sandwich named after Buster, or Buster's famous food collection?

"“So Funny I Forgot to Laugh”
Arthur thinks his jokes about Sue Ellen's new sweater are all in good fun but Sue Ellen's feelings are hurt. Has Arthur become...a bully?

"Buster's Growing Grudge"
Buster's convinced that his great joke will be the difference between a successful oral report and failure. But when Binky steals his material, will Buster stay mad forever?

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