White wine being poured.

Sip and Swirl this Friday

Sip a sauvignon blanc near Penguin Cove, and cabernet sauvignon from Washington near Waterfowl Lagoon. It's Summer Wine Fest at the Zoo!

Remember Me. Photo: ITV plc

The Lore of "Scarborough Fair"

The old English ballad "Scarborough Fair" exerts a mysterious power in Remember Me. But what do its enigmatic lyrics, with their herbal refrain, mean?

An agent with green dots on his face.

Agent Check-up

Agents all over headquarters are showing very odd symptoms. Is it Froggification or the Polka-Dot Flu? Play Agent Check-up now and help the Odd Squad!

Sheraton in Prague

Czech out Prague

Discover why Prague is called one of the most magical and beautiful cities in the world. Enter the Great Treasure Hunt Sweepstakes today!


Illinois Shuts Down ‘The Fire Ball’ Rides

Chicago Tonight

The Illinois Department of Labor has joined other states in shutting down carnival rides similar to the one that malfunctioned at the Ohio State Fair Wednesday.

A Day with a Chicago Tugboat Crew

Chicago Tonight

Jay Shefsky spends a day with a tugboat crew moving barges on the Calumet River.  

Wisconsin Company Offers to Voluntarily Microchip Employees

Chicago Tonight

Buying a bag of chips or logging onto your computer with a wave of your hand will soon be possible at one Wisconsin company. 

School Funding Standoff Continues on Day 2 of Special Session

Chicago Tonight

Gov. Bruce Rauner called on Democrats to send him Senate Bill 1, while Illinois Senate President John Cullerton says he’ll wait till Monday to send the bill to the governor.

Why NASA is Seeking Origami Designs

Chicago Tonight

Rabiah Mayas returns to explain why NASA needs your origami skills and other stories from the world of science.

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The Lore of "Scarborough Fair"


The old English folk ballad features prominently in the ghost story Remember Me. What do its enigmatic lyrics mean?

Wild Alaska Live


PBS is broadcasting live from Alaska as bears, orcas, eagles, and wolves join a bountiful summer feast when millions of salmon swim upriver to spawn.

'Remember Me' Recap: Scarborough Scare


Hannah's nightmares continue and begin to be all too real, while Tom has disappeared. Rob and Roshana are slowly uncovering hints about Tom's past – he's been lying about things.

'Grantchester' Recap: A Priest Apart


Sidney leaves Grantchester on a mission – but also to sort out his life. He finds himself an outsider in a gypsy camp, and when a murder involves an acquaintance he's the first suspect. Mrs.

9 Essential Chicago Restaurants from the Creator of 'Check, Please!'


Few people know Chicago's food scene as well as David Manilow.

Food & Dining

The World of Food: Ice Cream

World of Food

July is National Ice Cream Month, so designated by President Ronald Reagan back in 1984.

Union Sushi

Check, Please!

Not your average sushi restaurant, Union Sushi offers a wide selection of robata grill menu items and unique meats, as well as their own unusual house sushi.

Angry Crab

Check, Please!

Angry Crab brings California to Chicago. Enjoy amazing creole flavors in a west coast styled crab boil.

Fat Rice

Check, Please!

The menu at Fat Rice combines traditional Asian flavors with exotic ingredients. It’s a casual atmosphere with communal tables and a full-service bar.

Pueblito Viejo

Check, Please!

Latin American cuisine is served in a party atmosphere!

Trattoria No. 10

Check, Please!

Found in the theatre district of Chicago’s Loop, Trattoria No 10 offers a menu of locally sustainable meals made with the freshest ingredients.


Chicago River Cruise with Geoffrey Baer

Monday, July 31, 2017

Cruise down the Chicago River with Geoffrey Baer as your architectural docent! Eat dinner and enjoy the views while Geoffrey takes you on the best river architecture cruise in town aboard Chicago's Leading Lady. Boarding begins at 5:30pm.

Free Screening & Discussion- The Vietnam War by Ken Burns

Saturday, August 19, 2017

WTTW, in partnership with the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events presents a FREE screening and Discussion of excerpts from The Vietnam War by Ken Burns The Vietnam War by Ken Burns.