Child building tower with plastic interlocking blocks

Only 1 in 4 Kindergartners Ready for School

Only 24 percent of Illinois kindergartners are adequately prepared for school, according to a new state survey that found significant gaps in readiness. The number is lower for minority, low-income, and diverse learner students.

A bookstore. Photo: Adolfo Felix on Unsplash

Chicago's Independent Bookstores

If you love books, you probably also love bookstores, and independent bookstores remain irreplaceable gems, with their staff recommendations, unusual selections, and sense of community. Discover the stories behind a few.

Arthur in Animal Home Builder workshop

Be an Animal Home Builder

Welcome to Animal Home Builder where Arthur and his friends are building homes for lost animals. First find out what animal needs a home, get the blueprints, choose your materials and paint colors, and start building.

Amateur chefs chopping vegetables.

Top Chef Basics

Become a kitchen master with The Chopping Block! Enter to win a culinary boot camp! Boot Camp 1 teaches baseline skills. Boot Camp 2 shares more complex recipes, menu tips, and tricks of the trade.

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