Texting while driving

IL Strengthens Texting While Driving Law

Starting next summer, people caught texting while driving will receive a moving violation that will go on their driving record–even if it’s their first offense. “No driver should be texting while driving.” Sec. of State.

A camel herder leads his camel train over the sand dunes in Nubra Valley, India. Photo: BBC/Alex Lanchester

What to Stream

Catch up on two popular series before they return with new seasons, travel to majestic corners of the globe as the summer winds to a close, and take an in-depth look at education in Chicagoland as school starts again.

Digit of Cyberspace

Be a Railway Hero

Hacker stole pieces of the Information SuperRailway and the kids need your help repairing it. First, board the Solar CyberTrain, set your controls, and follow the map to find all the gaps. Then use your math skills to fix the track!

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Betty White: First Lady of Television

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