A view of the Great Lakes from space. (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency / Flickr)

Dangers of Climate Change in Great Lake Region

Heat waves, heavy rain, flooding: a new report shows how climate change is threatening the lakes themselves, and how their transformation figures to impact weather, public health, infrastructure, wildlife, and the economy.

A jogger on Lake Michigan

Can a Dose of Nature Make Us Healthier?

It's Earth Day! Celebrate by "taking a hike!" Experts say getting out into nature can provide health benefits - and if we know that nature's good for us, we're more likely to do what's good for nature.

Little girl with worm.

Celebrate Earth Day Every Day

Research shows that early experiences in nature form the foundation for our understanding the way things work. Give your kids time to use their curiosity to explore with these six ways you can make Earth Day every day.

Wishbone restaurant shrimp entree

Receive 2-for-1 Savings at Wishbone

Enjoy Southern comfort style cooking, grits, collard greens, fried chicken, and more at Wishbone! Producer’s Circle Members can receive 2-for-1 savings on their entrée at Wishbone’s Jefferson Street location. 

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