The Gray-Cloud house in 2017. (Courtesy of David Cloud)

Archaeological Dig Begins at Irving Park Home

Archaeologists unearthed a bit of history this week as they began to excavate a 162-year-old Chicago home rumored to have once been a stop on the Underground Railroad. Learn more about what they are hoping to find.

An early sketch of a Nature Cat cel. Image: Spiffy Pictures

Behind the Scenes of 'Nature Cat'

With a new Nature Cat special airing this week, take a look at how the animated show is created in a suburban studio, where Saturday Night Live stars Skype in to record the voices of the characters. 

2 little boys playing make-believe

Ways for Kids to Learn Empathy Through Acting

“Playing pretend” is more than just magic and fairy tales! It is also a way to teach kids about their emotions. They have to imagine how another person would think and feel, helping them practice understanding and empathy.

Demelza from Poldark.

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