Holiday Cheer Takes Root

Most of the poinsettias we see come from California, but there are greenhouses in Illinois that cultivate them, like this farm in Woodstock.

Paris Schutz of Chicago Tonight sings a holiday song.

Paris Schutz Sings a Holiday Song

Paris Schutz isn't just a journalist. The Chicago Tonight reporter also sings, plays piano, and writes songs, like the Christmas tune he performs here.

Curious George on Christmas morning.

Shake up the Season

Shake up the season with a holiday party all month long. Celebrate this December with videos from Curious George and all of your friends!

Geoffrey Baer standing in front of a camera

An Evening with Geoffrey Baer

Spend an evening with Geoffrey Baer in the WTTW studios as he discusses Chicago history, the making of his tours, and even hosts a bit of trivia. RSVP now!


Forrest Claypool Resigns as Chicago Public Schools CEO

Chicago Tonight

Forrest Claypool said he hopes that when this chapter of his life is written, “people will say that even good men can make stupid mistakes.” And with that, the embattled schools chief officially resigned on Friday as Chief Executive Officer of the Chicago Public Schools.

The Week in Review: CPS Watchdog Recommends Firing Schools CEO

Chicago Tonight

The Chicago Public Schools watchdog recommends firing CPS CEO Forrest Claypool. Gov. Bruce Rauner says he’s not the one “in charge” of Illinois. And losing streaks persist for the Bulls and Hawks.

Asian Carp Expert to Lead New Shedd Research Team

Chicago Tonight

A new team led by biologist Andrew Casper will expand Shedd Aquarium’s research of animals that live in local waterways—and how to protect them.

Researchers Seek to Find Cause of Fibromyalgia via Genetic Testing

Chicago Tonight

Fibromyalgia affects up to 6 percent of the world’s population, yet little is known about the cause of the disorder, characterized by widespread pain and fatigue. University of Illinois at Chicago researchers now hope to uncover its origins.

State Rep. Jeanne Ives Calls for Repeal of Sanctuary State Law

Chicago Tonight

Gov. Bruce Rauner’s Republican primary opponent is calling on him to repeal a law that gives undocumented immigrants sanctuary status in Illinois. 

Behind-the-Scenes, Previews, Recaps, Local History & More

Christiane Amanpour's Most Impressive Journalistic Coups


Beginning December 11, WTTW Prime will broadcast the global affairs interview program Amanpour on PBS, hosted by CNN chief international correspondent Christiane Amanpour.

Paris Schutz Sings a Holiday Song (That He Wrote)


Journalistic chops aren't Paris Schutz's only talent. The Chicago Tonight broadcaster also plays piano, sings, and writes songs, including his own "schmaltzy Christmas tune." Hear him perform "Lonesome Christmas Night."

Defining Moments of The Washington Post's 140-Year History


The Washington Post published its first issue 140 years ago on December 6. Over its long history, it has given us a memorable gaffe and a popular march, inspired a classic toy, and led huge investigations.

When Pollution Blocked Out the Sun


65 years ago on December 5, a deadly smog descended on London. Transportation stopped, people fell into the Thames, and an estimated 12,000 people died. Today, New Delhi has similar problems. How serious is pollution today?

From the Archive: Marshall Field's Christmas Windows


They have been a tradition in Chicago for over one hundred years, and seemingly everyone has fond memories of going to see them.

Food & Dining

The World of Food: Gingerbread

World of Food

What food is a winter holiday mainstay, contains an ingredient with proven medicinal qualities, and is often used as a building material?

Bistro Dré

Check, Please!

Bistro Dre is a quaint French bistro with global influences throughout the menu. The dishes are creative and satisfying. The décor is comfortable and relaxed, yet eclectic and fun.

Trattoria No. 10

Check, Please!

Found in the theatre district of Chicago’s Loop, Trattoria No 10 offers a menu of locally sustainable meals made with the freshest ingredients.


Check, Please!

Prasino offers local food with a global influence. Ingredients are organic, locally sourced, and restaurant creatively reflects a sustainable lifestyle.

The Bristol

Check, Please!

The Bristol has a gastropub atmosphere with an impressive cocktail and beer menu. They approach their food with a nose-to-tail mindset.

The World of Food: BYOB

World of Food

This week, Check, Please! focuses its spotlight on a compendium of local restaurants reviewed on the show that have one important thing in common.


Free Screening & Discussion: A Legacy of Hope

Saturday, January 20, 2018

WTTW, in partnership with the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events presents a FREE screening and Discussion of A Legacy of Hope.

Fab Four in Concert at Arcada Theatre

Friday, February 9, 2018

With uncanny, note-for-note live renditions of Beatles’ songs, the Fab Four will make you think you are watching the real thing.


Nature Cat

On a trip to Barrel Cactus National Park to enjoy nature in all its glorious splendor, Nature Cat and his pals encounter Shelby, a very sad desert tortoise. Today is Shelby’s...