Labor groups push for $15 minimum wage in Chicago

Mayor, Labor Groups Push for $15 Minimum Wage by 2021

Chicago has seen its minimum wage steadily rise in the last several years, from a hourly rate of $8.25 in 2014 to $13 today. But labor activists and some public officials say it’s not nearly enough.

A demonstration for German Day in 1931 in front of the Field Museum. Photo: Bundesarchiv, Bild 146-1990-073-12

Fascism in Chicago

From the feted arrival of an Italian Fascist in Chicago during the Century of Progress World's Fair to the infamous controversy where neo-Nazis tried to march in Skokie, learn about fascist flare-ups in Chicago.

A mural in Pilsen by POSE x Dabs & Myla, at 882 W. 16th Street, 2013.

Explore Pilsen's Celebrated Public Art

Pilsen is known in Chicago for its public art and, in particular, its many colorful and distinct murals. Take advantage of the mild weather this weekend to tour some of the vibrant art.

Music Box Theatre in Chicago

Music Box Theatre Celebrates 90th Anniversary

On August 22, 1929, the North Side theater opened its doors as the first dedicated “talkie” house in Chicago. What makes this old movie house unique today.

Pinkalicious with her friends

Create Pinkatastic Oufits

Can you design some fun clothes for Pinkalicious and her friends to wear? First, choose a character then use your imagination and start designing your outfits. It’s a great day for a fashion show!

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