Wyndham Lathem, left, and Andrew Warren (Chicago Police Department)

Ex-Oxford Staffer Pleads Guilty to Brutal 2017 River North Murder

More than two years after a grizzly slaying that led authorities on a nationwide manhunt, a former Oxford University staffer has pleaded guilty to murder and agreed to testify against his co-defendant.

Neil Armstrong's footprint on the moon. Photo: Courtesy of NASA

Meet the 12 Men Who Have Walked on the Moon

It's been 47 years since the last person walked on the moon. The twelve people, all American men, who have been on the moon include a painter, someone interested in paranormal activities, and more. Meet them here.

Regina Victor. Photo: Dan Andries

The Talent Behind Chicago Theatre

Theatre requires everyone from understudies to costume designers, puppeteers to fight directors, musicians to scenic designers to make it an unforgettable experience. Meet some of Chicago's incredible Stage Players.

A photo of “Chicago Tonight” host Phil Ponce, center, is edited by FaceApp to illustrate younger and older versions of him.

FaceApp Raises Broader Privacy Concerns. Here’s What You Need to Know.

As the popularity of a photo-transforming app has skyrocketed, so has new concern over privacy. Derek Eder of Chicago-based company DataMade weighs in.

Moon's First Friends written by Susanna Leonard Hill  illustrated by Elisa Paganelli

Books About Our Magnificent Moon

Throughout history, the moon has inspired children to grow up to be astronauts and scientists. Whether read as bedtime stories or for science lessons, keep inspiring your kids with this list of moon-themed reads for kids.

Group sampling wine - Inquisitours

See the Northwest by Rail

Ride the rails from Seattle to Portland! Enter the 2019 Great Treasure Hunt Sweepstakes today for your chance to win a thrilling 7-day journey through rugged mountains and wine country. Relax and enjoy deluxe transport, meals, and more.

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