Law enforcement officials work near Mercy Hospital in Chicago’s Bronzeville neighborhood on Monday, Nov. 19, 2018. (Zbigniew Bzdak / Chicago Tribune via AP)

Chicago Police Officer Among 4 Killed in Mercy Hospital Shooting

A Chicago police officer, two female medical professionals and the suspected gunman are dead following a shooting rampage Monday afternoon at Mercy Hospital on the city’s Near South Side.

Pumpkin tart from Milk Street

A Unique Pumpkin Dessert To Impress Your Thanksgiving Table

If you're bringing dessert to Thanksgiving this week and want to do something slightly different, try making a pumpkin tart instead of a pie. Try the recipe from Milk Street here.

Nature Cat Fine Feathered Feast

Play Fine Feathered Feast

Hey kids! Winter is coming and soon it’s going to be harder for birds to find food. Nature Cat has made some bird feeders to serve his friends a fine feathered feast, but needs your help keeping them filled with food.

People holding hands with the sun setting behind them

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