Proposed ComEd Deal Brokered by Lightfoot Blocked From Advancing at Council Meeting

In a joint statement with ComEd released hours before she officially... Read More

Science & Nature

Chicago-Area Oil Refineries Among Worst Water Polluters in US, Environmental Group Finds

Oil refineries are discharging toxic pollutants into our waterways and the... Read More

Emily Graslie works with Dr. Eileen Grogan to look for fossil fish in Montana.


Prehistoric Road Trip

Travel with Emily through billions of years of Earth's history to meet some of its earliest life forms, from primitive bacteria to giant reptiles and many surprising creatures in between.


What to Watch on WTTW for Black History Month

Join us for engaging programs that tell the stories of Black history, arts, culture, and more.

Jessye Norman


FIRSTHAND: Life After Prison Trailer

WTTW offers an intimate look at the challenges and opportunities facing people returning to society after spending time in prison.

Marcelo kissing a baby.

For parents

How to Raise a Good Problem-Solver

Four-year-old Ruby is working on how to keep her block tower from falling down.

Father and Daughter
Chicago City Hall's facade


Spotlight Politics: Chicago Mayoral Race Heats Up as Election Day Nears

Tensions rose at this week's Chicago mayoral forum. Our politics team weighs in on that story and more.

Jessye Norman


Black History Month on WTTW

Black History Month brings a myriad of engaging programs that tell the stories of Black history, arts, culture, and more.

Mrs. Hall and Gerald on a walk

Recap & Stream

All Creatures Great and Small

The third season of All Creatures Great and Small is here! Recap the first four episodes now, and WTTW Passport members can stream the entire season.  

Groundhog chowing on clover. (Shenandoah National Park)

Science & Nature

It’s Groundhog Day. Let’s Get To Know the Real Critter Behind the Shadow

For an animal that has its own holiday, the groundhog kind of flies under the radar. Let’s get to know it better.

Child eating popcorn

For parents

Make Rosie’s Cheesy Popcorn for Movie Night

This cheesy popcorn recipe is fun to make and delicious to eat! With a dairy-free option, it’s perfect for everyone to enjoy. Try making this movie night snack with your children as you work together in the kitchen.

Paris Schutz and Brandis Friedman


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