Science & Nature

The Bluebells Are Here. Catch These Short-Lived Beauties Before They’re Gone

These gorgeous spring ephemerals love woodland habitats near creeks, and... Read More


City Council Votes 30-18 to Spend $70M More to Care for Migrants in Chicago

Officials expect it will cost an additional $321 million through the end of... Read More

Lois Gibbs

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American Experience - Poisoned Ground: The Tragedy at Love Canal

Revisit the story of the 1970s Love Canal disaster, one of the most notorious environmental and public health disasters in US history. The battle for justice, led mostly by women, created the basis for the landmark federal Superfund program.


Chicago Mysteries

Did a UFO fly over O’Hare Airport? Is Hull House haunted? Why don’t Chicagoans put ketchup on their hot dogs? Geoffrey Baer sets out to solve these and other puzzlers in Chicago Mysteries.

Geoffrey Baer

Latino Voices

Local Groups Work to Fill the Gaps in Grant Program

A city report found 29% of Latinos in Chicago are experiencing food insecurity. Finding enough food and nutritious foods to stay healthy can also be more difficult.

Grocery shelves.

Chicago Mysteries

Did Chicago’s “Sausage King” really murder his wife?

In 1897, Adolph Luetgert – a German immigrant whose successful factory earned him the nickname “Chicago’s Sausage King” – was having a tough time at work and at home.

Adolph Luetgert

For parents

12 Picture Books About Things That Go!

From a young age, my children were fascinated by the sound of airplanes and the sight of construction trucks doing their work.

Little Smokey
A blanket of bluebells at O’Hara Woods in Will County. (Courtesy Forest Preserve District of Wall County)

Science & Nature

The Bluebells Are Here. Catch These Short-Lived Beauties Before They’re Gone

These gorgeous spring ephemerals love woodland habitats near creeks, and they’ll spread like a carpet on the forest floor. But only for a couple of weeks, and then they’re gone.

Canned, cannabis-infused beverages from Marz Brewing


Four Years After Marijuana was Legalized in Illinois, Cannabis-Infused Food and Drink is All Grown Up – And Still Has a Ways to Go

Since the legalization of recreational marijuana in Illinois in 2020 brought broader cultural acceptance, stricter guardrails, and $1.6 billion in sales in 2023 alone, the bar has gotten higher on cannabis-infused food and drinks, from cake mix to drinks to gummies to hot sauce.

A stone sign marking the World's First Nuclear Reactor. Credit: Jessica Mlinaric

Why is the World’s First Nuclear Reactor Buried in a Forest Preserve?

Just southwest of Chicago in the Red Gate Woods forest preserve, a warning carved into a granite block reads, “Caution – Do not dig. Buried in this area is radioactive material from nuclear research conducted here 1943-1949.”

Cherry blossoms in Jackson Park in 2021. (Courtesy of Chicago Park District)

Science & Nature

Sour Cherries: Weird Weather Stunts Blossoms in Jackson Park for Second Year in a Row

The Cherry Blossom trees in Jackson Park won’t reach peak bloom this year, the Chicago Park District said.

Kids demonstrating their silly handshake.

For kids

Create a Silly Handshake

A high five, fist bump, or simple handshake are a few ways you can greet people. But for a special friend or family member, it can be fun to make up a one-of-a-kind silly handshake just for the two of you. Think of ways that you can use your hands, feet, legs, arms and even whole-body wiggles.

Happy kiddo. Photo by Eye for Ebony @eyeforebony.


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