Crime & Law

'ComEd Four' Attorneys Grill Government's Star Witness on Lobbying Tactics, Madigan's Influence

Fidel Marquez, the government's witness, continued testifying for the... Read More

Arts & Entertainment

Chicago Chefs, Restaurants Nab James Beard Nominations

Winners will be announced June 5 at the Lyric Opera.

Hercule Poirot


Agatha Christie's Poirot: Murder on the Orient Express

Hercule Poirot is visiting Istanbul, having solved a complex case for the British Army, when he witnesses an act of brutal justice on the streets. Relieved when a new case calls him back to London, Poirot's old acquaintance Xavier Bouc, who is director of the Orient Express, secures him a last minute ticket.


Meet Chicago's 2023 James Beard Award Finalists

Chicago has five nominees, plus an honorable mention who recently moved to the city. 

Damarr Brown of Hyde Park's Virtue is up for Emerging Chef at the James Beard Awards. Photo: Will Blunt

Black Voices

Golden Gloves Tournament Turns 100

This year, Tim Adams and Frank Smith will be inducted into the Chicago Golden Gloves Hall of Fame.

Golden Glove Champion Tim Adams


Lovely Landscapes

Explore the natural beauty of Chicago's parks and outdoor spaces, offering a glimpse into the city's commitment to preserving and celebrating its natural beauty.

Palmisano Park

For parents

Games to Play Together as a Family

Here are our favorite games for children - or the whole family! - to play together.

Parents playing game with toddler
A rendering of the Rosenberg Moon Habitat (aka, Rosie). (Courtesy of SAGA Space Architects)

Science & Nature

The ‘Coolest Thing Made in Illinois’ is Headed to the Moon. Check Out This 3D-Printed Space House

The Rosenberg Moon Habitat made by Rockford-based Ingersoll Machine Tools has been crowned the winner of Illinois’ 2023 Makers Madness contest.

Ruth Ellen Church on a cooking television show with children


Nine Chicago Women Who Found Success in Food Before the Age of the Celebrity Chef

Even today there is a huge disparity in the number of women head chefs, but achieving success in the food industry earlier on was even less common. Meet some of the women who influenced Chicago and America's attitudes towards food. 

A Tiffany mosaic ceiling in Chicago's Macy's store

Geoffrey Baer

Take an Audio Tour of The Most Beautiful Places in Chicago

Explore beautiful locations like a dazzling surprise that hangs over your head in the State Street Macy's, formerly Marshall Field's.

artist Rachel Steele

Arts & Entertainment

Beyond Noise: Audio-Visual Artist Finds Inspiration in Chicago’s Transit

Artist Rachel Steele mixes sounds she recorded live on public transit and out in neighborhoods with musical instruments reflective of the city’s different cultures. Her show, "Soundpost: Remixing Transit," is on display at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra this Thursday.

Girls running.

For parents

How to Raise Strong Girls

“I just wish she had the confidence to speak up.” This is a phrase I hear over and over again from parents of young girls – and I remember having the same thought when my own daughter was in kindergarten. As parents, we see the best in our kids. We know the positive qualities they bring to this world, and we want them to share those qualities with others.

Paris Schutz and Brandis Friedman


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