Breach Between Top Cop, Misconduct Agency Widens Amid Probe of Shooting Death of Dexter Reed

Superintendent Larry Snelling’s remarks come nearly two months after the... Read More


Former Student Suing Chicago Public Schools Following Years of Alleged Sexual Abuse

The victim has said she was sexually abused over the course of multiple... Read More

Butterflied "Grilled" Shrimp

Coming up

Christopher Kimball's Milk Street Television: The Joy of Cooking, Jalisco-Style

In this episode, Christopher Kimball travels to seaside Jalisco, Mexico to learn from some local chefs. Back in the kitchen, Chris and Milk Street Cook Erika Bruce bake warm, sweet and subtly nutty Corn and Cinnamon Butter Cookies. Next, Milk Street Cook Lynn Clark whips up briny and savory Butterflied "Grilled" Shrimp. Finally, Milk Street Cook Rayna Jhaveri assembles Salsa Macha Costeña, made with nuts and chilies.


Geoffrey Baer Investigates Chicago Mysteries

In his new special Chicago Mysteries, Geoffrey Baer embarks on an adventure to solve some of Chicago’s age-old mysteries.

Geoffrey Baer

Latino Voices

Chicago Latino Film Festival Celebrates 40 Years

The Chicago Latino Film Festival is back for its 40th year, with more than a week of screenings at theaters across the city.

Art: The Chicago Latino Film Festival

World of Food

Outdoor Grilling

The practice of cooking meat over fire, of course, is an age-old tradition, but its methods, equipment, and what is actually being grilled have definitely evolved over the centuries.

Food on the grill.

For parents

4 Ideas to Encourage Family Reading Time

It’s important to carve out quality time to spend with your kids each day.  

Dad reading with his daughter.
A plastic bottle on a beach

Science & Nature

Great Lakes Beaches Might Look Clean, But They’re Littered With Tiny Plastics, New Report Says

Alliance for the Great Lakes has collected 20 years’ worth of data from beach cleanups. Tiny plastic trash is a huge problem.

Geoffrey Baer looks up through a trap door with a magnifying glass


Geoffrey Baer Investigates Chicago Mysteries

In his new special Chicago Mysteries, Geoffrey Baer solves some of Chicago’s age-old mysteries involving a UFO sighting, a cemetery secret, and more. He sat down to offer up some behind-the-scenes intelligence. 

William F. Buckley rests his face on his hand while John Lindsay frowns next to him


The "Architect" of Conservatism is the Subject of a New American Masters

We spoke to the filmmaker of The Incomparable Mr. Buckley, which examines the life of William F. Buckley, Jr. with an eye toward the rise of the conservatism he espoused and how it was eclipsed. 

From left to right, executive director Adam Helman, community outreach manager and assistant house manager Art Sims and director of development Dionne Nicole Smith at the community room on April 5, 2024.


For 25 Years, Guest House Has Provided Temporary Medical Lodging to Patients and Families in Need

The Chicago nonprofit helps patients access advanced care or specialized treatment often only found in major cities at a limited number of hospitals or academic medical centers. A 25th anniversary celebration is planned for Monday.

Smelly jars!


Play a Scent Memory Game

Put your nose to the test with this scent matching activity! Our sense of smell is called olfaction, and it can help children make connections with their surroundings. By using their sense of smell, kids can investigate and distinguish between different objects and materials.

Gospel Showcase


WTTW Gospel Showcase

WTTW is thrilled to offer you an unforgettable Gospel Showcase. On Tuesday, April 23rd, First Lady Karen Clark Sheard, Pastor Smokie Norful, The Chicago Mass Choir, and Lamar Campbell and the Spirit of Praise will inspire you with an electrifying night of gospel music in WTTW’s Studio D. Be part of this memorable musical event and join in on the fellowship! Celebrate with us as we honor and pay tribute to the art and power of gospel music. 

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